As I'm monitoring the world of APIs, I'm seeing more activity around whats being called Single Page Apps (SPA). I'm seeing API management providers like 3Scale discuss the possibilities for SPAs and APIs, and API pioneers like Salesforce provide JavaScript tooling, meant to be used with common SPA frameworks and libraries.

When I notice a trned like this happening, I create a new research area under API Evangelist. Right now I'm looking to identify different approaches to SPAs by API providers, and track on what tools they are using.

Next I'll start looking at the common building blocks and patterns that are emerging with SPA deployment and how APIs can be put to use. As with all my projects, I'll publish content to this project every couple days, and as I learn more about SPAs, the project will evolve. Everything is creative commons licensing, I hope you learn something and help spread the word or even contribute when you get a chance.