Here is what I am reading when it comes to Single Page Apps (SPA) and APIs.

Role-based SPAs with AngularJS and Spring HATEOAS | Paul Warren

Building Single Page Apps with React & Reflux for Salesforce


Broadcast Publish/Subscribe Messaging with Ember.js Tutorial

AngularJS - The Next Big Thing

Driving Your Single Page Applications And API Cookbooks Using API Definition Formats Like Swagger And API Blueprint

AngularJS vs. React

Customizable User Location Data for an Ember.js Chat App

Consuming JSON ASMX Web Services with AngularJS: A Beginners "Experience" !

Ember.js 101: From Zero to Ember in PubNub Seconds

My API 101 Workshop At @APIStrat In Chicago Next Week

jakemmarsh/angularjs-gulp-browserify-boilerplate · GitHub

Dynamic Websites Using the AWS SDK for JavaScript in the Browser, Part 2: Auth0 and Token-based… — Medium

Everyone Is About To Get An API With The New Wordpress API

Building a Single Page App with AngularJS and the Salesforce REST API

The New StrongLoop API Server Provides A Look At Future Of API Deployment

16 Areas Of My Core API Research

I Am Up To 34 APIs Out Of The Netherlands

APIs Coming Out Of The Netherlands

Elegant token-based API access with AngularJS - engineering.talis.com

Kinvey JavaScript library now available for AngularJS web apps

Votr Part 5: AngularJS and CRUD Using RESTful APIs

Guest Post: Parse x Angular JS Boilerplate by BRANDiD

Backend for building Web-Apps with AngularJS – App42 Cloud API

Little Big Data | Web & PHP Magazine

Votr Part 4: AngularJS and Authentication with CouchDB

Infographic Single Page Applications

Infographic Single Page Applications

The Expanding API Evangelist Network

Ember, Angular, Backbone, Single Page Applications and APIs

Ember, Angular, Backbone, Single Page Applications and APIs

Ember Angular Backbone Single Page Applications and APIs

The MEAN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js

The Mean Stack Mongodb Expressjs Angularjs And Node Js

AngularJS and ngForce: More Fun in the Javascript Playground

Angularjs And Ngforce More Fun In The Javascript Playground

Creating Hybrid Apps with the Salesforce Mobile Pack for Backbone.js

Creating Hybrid Apps with the Salesforce Mobile Pack for Backbone js

Through Thick and Thin, Blue Dog Money Follows Blue Dog Members

Fast & Easy Mobile Web Apps With AngularJS

Ember At Embedly Views And Controllers

Ember at Embedly: Views and Controllers

HTML5 AngularJS Backbone Mobile Service Packs

HTML5, AngularJS, Backbone Mobile Service Packs

Ember.js at CrowdFlower

Ember js at CrowdFlower

Ember At Embedly Templates And The Router

Ember at Embedly: Templates and the Router

Ember at Embedly: Introduction to Ember Development

Ember At Embedly Introduction To Ember Development